A unique platform that shares a plethora of ideas with the necessary link between theory and application. In an era where “out of the box” thinking is the in-thing , it thus becomes inevitable to be with the times and to achieve your goals smartly. Maprosys conveniences this approach with real-life examples on how to engage, evolve and execute.

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    The Academia

    We contribute value addition to Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students in exposing them to real world application scenarios and also guide them to combat these challenges with confidence and rational thinking. We re-kindle within them the thin line definition between Hard Work and Smart Work. In this process we also need to guide them the application of theory which is best delivered with an able team of professionals from the corporate sector. We abstain from sharing text book print and the ongoing curriculums mentored by University standards; rather connect the “LINK “between the former and its application scenario..


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    The Corporate

    All rungs of management, right from the manager to the CXO suite look at expanding their repertoire of skills and develop the x-factor it takes to become more effective leaders and achievers

    The Maprosys Corporate Team offers empaneling Achievers in various fields, Eminent Speakers and Professional Trainers that collectively deliver experiential learning to clients. Experiential Learning and Design Thinking workshops delivered under Maprosys help enhance human capital efficiency and the repertoire of skills. Train the Trainer programs from this vertical also demonstrate high impact for academic institutions.


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    The Industrial

    Maprosys delivers solutions to major business issues ranging from profitability and productivity enhancement to end-to-end Supply Chain solutions. We assist in identifying the best companies for consultation, solution design and for execution to address business needs and achieve stellar results. Our team of engineers use Lean Management, Kaizen techniques, 5-S methodology, Supply Chain Management etc. in this process at manufacturing units As on date, we have delivered millions of dollars’

    worth of benefits to manufacturing and supply chain companies in the corporate segment. Testimonials available at request.



Work at maprosys foster individual personal initiatives & ideas. There are no tradition hierarchies, no chain of command, nor predetermined channels of communication it’s the link that matters.

We engage and communicate directly with each other and our Associates our accountable to each other

We strive towards maximizing individual potential, creating an environment where talent, ideas and concepts can flourish. A fundamental belief to trust their abilities.

We curate the highest level of knowledge, talent, achievement and delivery in technical fields, in leadership, in thought and scientific enquiry, and in creating the link between institutions and industry.

An acronym for MAnagement PROcesses and SYStems, at Maprosys we engage with Institutions, Corporates and the Industry – our three verticals – to create value and deliver significant leadership, financial and growth benefits.

Four guiding principles at 'MAPROSYS':

  • Ability to make one’s own commitment and keep them
  • Fairness to each other & whom we associate with
  • Consultation with associates prior to undertaking programmes or sessions that could impact the reputation.
  • Ensuring credibility in their actions and approach

How we work

Our renowned approach to your institute by:

  • Business Partnering, Consulting & Advisory
  • Consulting Engagement
  • Human Capital Advisory & Solutions
  • Workshops & Seminars

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